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Today I Love Excellent Records

Much needed warm rain

Today I love excellent records like the one my curling team from the last draw now owns, seven regular season wins, three playoff game wins, and no losses. I love that I’m pumped about the fact that in just over six months I’ll be curling again. I love that when I fell (warning: blatant curling talk) coming out of the hack in the fifth end and piled all my weight into the stone and blew through the house and damaged my back a little, my team was able to recover the end and the game, and I was able to finish the end and the game with them. I love how anyone can get excited about curling and everyone can understand how it works with just a little bit of information to go on, but that the possibilities of any given end are … well, endless. I love that I am completely willing to admit that I am a late arrival to the game and am suffering from convert zealousness. I love that, even recognizing that, I continue to be a curling zealot. I love that I have found that the game I admired quietly and intermittently from a distance for a half century turns out to be welcoming, and easy enough to play that I have been able to do just that. I love that I get to curl.

Today I love that I also recognize that my life is amazing these days, for so many reasons, and that curling isn’t the only one. I love that we are the champions, but I also love that I get to write. I love that there are heat bags for my damaged back and hip. I love that I have great slippers and that we call them foot parkas. I love that we’re going on more adventures still. I love that we get to spend some time at the cottage this weekend and that we have plans to cook a spectacular meal for ourselves. I love that even when I do something stupid like throw my back out, life shakes its head and calmly walks out to the curb, picks my back back up again, dusts it off, gives it time to heal and never scolds or lectures me about it.

Today I love my big old recliner. I love that it is warmish and raining out. I love the smell of rainy spring days, even when it is too cold to sit outside on the verandah and drink it in. I love anticipating spring and summer, even though I also love fall and winter. I love that if I can find something to love about everything than I win, and so far I’m winning.

Today I love drinking coffee and dreaming about curling next year.

Today I Love Excellent Records

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