residential street in a good old town

Classy old streets have character

Today I love comfy couches for crashing on offered by good friends, sounds like there might be a song lyric in there, eh? I love mature streets in older towns with wonderful vintage homes lined up for my admiration. I love being on yet another adventure in another town visiting friends and seeing sites and learning more about life and expanding my horizons. I love the phrase, “the more you know” because it’s so very true that the more you know the better and richer and more amazing your life can be. I love that today we’re going shopping at a couple of my favorite places and though we have nothing to shop for specifically I love learning more about what is available for hiking and winter sports and paddling and swimming and fishing and being dressed when people are around. 😉 I love being on the road, finding new places to see and explore and possibly return to at a later date. I love that the best part of being away is always going to be coming home, though once I’m home I will immediately start thinking about places I could be going to. I love that I am happy to accept that the best place to be is always right where I am, even though I will always welcome the opportunity to head out to new and exciting places.

Today I love how that song you see right there above these words is one of mine, I wrote it, and that is me and my musical partner singing it. I love that this song feels like my town to me, ’cause I love my town. I love that I wrote this song as a tribute to living where I live and that it makes me happy to sing it in public, every chance I get. I love that my hair is still that long, and sometimes that wild, though mostly these days it is braided.

Today I love Cheerios for breakfast. I love that my Kindle library has grown to over twenty books, but it still weighs the same and I can still carry it around with me in my pocket. I love that I have never lost my love of reading even though I read at almost the same speed that I write at, which is fast for two fingered typing, but slow for reading. I love words to bits.

Today I love drinking morning coffee on a friendly new street with friends and relations.