sunlight in the livingroom

Sunlight … YAY!

Today I love choosing colors especially if I don’t have the final decision on them. I love the rainbows of paint swatches, I love combinations of colors and the possibilities that abound. I love that there are colors that cannot be imagined until they are seen, and combinations of colors that astound me. I love how easy it is to paint a room and how hard it is to decide to paint a room. I love that we didn’t decide to paint until we decided to fix one little bad spot on the ceiling. I love how good things can snowball as easily as the bad things can. I love that when good things snowball it’s like it was already good, and then it becomes great. I love that I can understand how people could get frustrated with ongoing renovations and decorating because that’s empathy, but I love even more that I don’t get frustrated over things like that. I love that this particular job will be done before the coming weekend. I love that I get to help with it when I’m not busy writing or traveling. I love that if anything could make me wish I had less traveling or writing to do, it would be contracting.

Today I love that it is Sunday and it is living up to its name. I love the sun beaming in through the window and lighting up the living room. I love Joni Mitchell’s song, “Chelsea Morning” and the lines, ” … the sun poured in like butterscotch – and stuck to all my senses” and how those lines come to me whenever I’m idling in the sunshine. I love that I think of myself as “idling” even when I’m writing, it means my life and work are often so pleasing to me that I feel I’m relaxing even when I’m working. I love that I have experienced that feeling even when I’ve been employed at more labor intensive vocations.

Today I love traditional Sunday breakfast with market eggs and market bacon and market bread for toast and market jam as well. I love helping friends with finding the right solutions to ongoing problems. I love that I am slowly figuring out what things are going to the cottage and what things are staying here at home and what things are just going to go away. I hate letting things go, but I love that once they are gone the pain of letting them go dissipates almost immediately.

Today I love drinking coffee in butterscotch sunlight.