Coffee being made

Contemplation coffee

Today I love busyness and all the things that are currently going on. I love how so many of the things I do are do-overs, things I’ve done every day or every week and yet they are still just as exciting to me and still among the things I look forward to doing. I love that I treat almost everything as an adventure. I love going places with people and watching them experience things they haven’t experienced before. I love the Saturday morning Owen Sound Farmers’ Market and its cheery, happy, buzzing atmosphere. I love being left to soak in the flavors of the market, I love the taste of my day and my life after I’ve been marinated in the sauces and juices of that place, seasoned by the encounter, rubbed with market love and left to cure for another week until I return.

Today I love old hollow trees with secret hiding places where notes can be left. I love forest glades and groves and clearings, love the enchanted places where it is easy for one to imagine spirits of every kind dancing and reveling in their lives. I love roads that have tree canopies closing in from either side. I love caves and bluffs and swamps and shorelines, love the places of mystique and magic and mood and mystery. I love the natural world in all of its glorious wonder. I love discovering dancing laughing streams that trickle or charge through their pathways, finding the best way to get to where the gravity of their situation states irrefutably that they need to be.

Today I love being hungry when there is lots of leftovers. I love that last night I curled well enough to be proud of myself and perhaps a little bit too proud, but I do this well so rarely that I’m going to give myself a pass on it just this once. I love that the open mic yesterday afternoon was one of those surprising ones that just makes me remember why I do them, a stranger played, many friends played, a good friend played a cover of one of my songs and that really thrilled me, and so next week I will be back again. I love the little things and the big things that thrill me, and someone singing one of my songs is definitely one of the big things it seems. Thank you, Kailey.

Today I love drinking coffee and pondering on the memory of my song being performed by my friend.