bread & jam & coffee & fireplace


Today I love this Olympic world and what we can do if we all work together. I love that the differences between people are never as great as they are made out to be, that the biggest weapon is always the drama with which those differences are stated and that if we could learn to see past that drama, all the other weapons in the world would not be needed. I love that the Olympics shows that to be the truth over and over again. I love that I am a Canadian but that I am fully aware that I am first and foremost a human being with a common ancestry that links me to all other humans regardless of the path their genes took or how it diverged from mine. I love that I am in this world and of this world and that every person in it is as valuable to it as I am. I love that those who choose to be negative and bigoted are, perhaps, the most important people in this world right now because their change is all that we need to make this world the best place it could be.

Today I love that it is Friday and although things have conspired to make the Friday afternoon open mic a no-go this week, I still love that Friday reminds me of music and I really love that next Friday we’ll be back in the Bleeding Carrot house and doing the open mic stage thing yet again. I love that tonight I will return to the rink to play curling again for the first time in nearly three weeks and I really and truly missed it. I love that we’re thinking of signing up for the mixed doubles league, and from what I’ve seen of it at the Olympic games it looks like it’s going to be an exciting thing to participate in.

Today I love that I’m slowly getting back into my own time zone, though my mind and body still seem to want to know what time it is every half hour or so and when the time is revealed surprise is often the result. I love that the surprise is always pleasant, and it was in Spain too, and I can’t figure that out, shouldn’t one way be less enjoyable than the other? I love that the answer to that conundrum seems to be, “I guess not.”

Today I love the taste of coffee at home by the fire at whatever time of day it might be. I love that the kettle is on at Pyeongchang and will be simmering for a while. Go Canada. Go Korea. Go U.S.A. Go everybody … Go World!