hummingbird feeder

Spring hopes

Today I love this light feeling of hope that seems to be climbing up on the shoulders of mild days and busy tasks. I love that today I get to play the Cai Shen again at a local public school. I love that after that I have to rush down to the Bleeding Carrot Café to host the weekly open mic. I love that tonight is curling night and that tomorrow night we’ll be curling again. I love that on Sunday it’s choir day and our Rock The Sound Choir will be practicing for our upcoming spring show. I love busy as shizzle weekends that whirl like a dervish until all the things are in the air and I can’t see past the good times I’ve had for looking at things I love being right there, fresh in my mind and my memory. I love how the weekend sneaks up on me, it’s a lot like the way Spring sneaks up on us, one minute a hope, the next minute a whisper, then a promise and all of a sudden you’re asking, “Wasn’t it just winter? I swear it was just winter not more than a day ago.” I love that what we have right now is clearly a hope for Spring.

Today I love that I’m playing around with my guitar again. I love that music never leaves my life. I love that I am surrounded by people who play or who love music because music is love. I love waking up to music, even if it’s the alarm ringtone on a phone. I love that the first thing that happens in the morning is the radio, before all the eyes are even open. I love the way I can be in a less then optimal mood and music can take me and shake me and send me soaring.

Today I love homemade dumpling soup. I love that I have a standard recipe for oatmeal for a week and when I’m too tired or not feeling very well I can make it without thinking and it’s pretty damned good stuff. I love that when I make oatmeal and I’m feeling good, it often ends up being surprisingly good even though I put some strange things in there at times. I love pineapple and strawberries in oatmeal. I love free books for my e-reader. I love literature, good or bad. I love that when I don’t like a book I’ll decide not to finish it and then the characters nag me, asking all kinds of questions about what happens next and I end up finishing reading the book just to shut them up.

Today I love drinking good coffee and contemplating the hope of Spring.