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Today I Love This Home Adventure

coffee maker at home
Home brew … at home.

Today I love this home adventure, starting back into old routines that seem almost like distant memories, finding my way through things as foreign today as the country I’ve been in for the last two weeks. I love how sweet the air at Montreal airport tasted to me on our layover there. Oh Canada, I love you so. I love that I had to clear the driveway before we could park the car and the truck in it today, and I love that my good friend Paul shoveled out a path for us last night so we could get to our front door today, I hope the shoveling didn’t ruin his curling game last night. Did you win Paul? I love that I had the adventure of my life over the past two weeks, but that I have adventures every day because I choose to look at life as being a gift of opportunities. I love that this evening’s adventure is quiche, that tomorrow’s adventure will be unpacking and laundry, that Friday’s adventure will be curling, and that each one of those days will bring a plethora of opportunities for further adventures. I love how full of life I feel right now. I love that I can barely believe that just two days ago I was wandering along the winter shoreline of the Spanish Mediterranean’s Costa del Sol with my feet bare and the salty sea washing over them.

Today I love that I think my ears have popped for the last time. I love that my passport brought me home. I love that I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, even though I never had a bad night’s sleep all the time that I was away. I love that some of my favorite “Today I Love” posts managed to get themselves republished. I love that I am a seasoned rider of the Malaga to Fuengirola rail line and that I am prepared to rave about it to anyone who cares to listen. I love that I am aware that I loved it so much because we were staying just a few short blocks from the Los Boliches station.

Today I love remembering how to drive in the winter. I love that my truck started right up, and so did the car, and so did the snowblower with just one pull. I love that you take great risks when ordering coffee in Spain and you’re never sure what you might get if you order a “café solo” but I’m home now and when I say “coffee only” I know exactly what I’ll get because I’m the one that’s going to make it.

Today I love drinking my own homemade coffee and contemplating all the ways that I can order coffee if I have to, café noir, café seulment, café negra, café solo, café con nada, café americano, black coffee, coffee only, the possibilities are endless.

Today I Love This Home Adventure

Kelly Babcock

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