ice on the bay

Coffee on ice …

Today I love the slow quiet calm of the snow covered world in which I live. I love that, now that the driveway is cleared, the cottage is very peaceful. I love the call of winter birds from tree to tree as they find their way to and from food and keep tabs on the predators that are lurking and looking for lunch here in the country. I love the way the cold clear air is so silent that any noises seem to explode in the void of the auditory desert of a wintry country afternoon. I love the contrast between here and our holidays in Spain. I love that I’m so thrilled to be home, so happy to be where I belong that I catch myself smiling in the quiet corners of my life, laughing in the pantry, singing in the yard, the garage, the back shed. I love the way the cold stings and reminds me that I am tough and ready for this. I love the way that, even though I was away in a place where it was well above freezing for a couple of weeks, I think it feels warm when it gets up close to a few degrees below freezing here.

Today I love that there are pianos that spend time in public places and they are a lot of fun to hang out near, because people will walk up to them and play with their heart whatever they remember from their childhood days of piano lessons. I love that some people have kept up their lessons and some of them will sit down at public pianos and play with their heart and they also are very entertaining. I love when pianos spontaneously start being played, when they bewitch passersby into helping them resonate and harmonize and fill the air with a rainbow of sounds.

Today I love that we curled last night for the first time in three weeks and my legs feel so sore and so good. I love all the plans that we have for fixing things up and changing things around. I love that many of those things are renovations that I will get to participate in and that will be fun. I love that I have a new potential outlet for my love of music and if that works out it will be coming in late spring and early summer and I’m rather excited about that possibility … if it works out. I love that music and writing and love are the things that fill my life.

Today I love sitting in the cottage, drinking coffee while the ice drifts by.