ice pans on the edge of the bay

Ice grinding the shore’s gears …

Today I love the anticipation of breakfast, especially the anticipation I’m hearing about from someone else while I cook breakfast. I love that, apparently, it was smelling pretty damned delicious as it was cooking. I love that all the prep was done and all I had to do was cook and serve. I love breakfast at the cottage with the beautiful bay in view. I love that last night I barbecued. I love that the deck is almost completely snow free, just a couple of inches on the exposed part and two inches is pretty easy stuff to get through. I love that there are pans of ice on the water and they’re grinding against the shore and that’s one of the ways the world is shaped and made beautiful. I love that there were saffron colored skies this morning and there was sunlight, even though I didn’t think to take a picture of it before the clouds rolled in. I love that those clouds have rainy intentions and a lot of snow is likely going to be washed away by that. I love these days of hope and anticipation, breakfast, spring, work, relaxation, good books, new things to write, it’s all so good.

Today I love that it’s Monday and although my Mondays are only half work days it has a Monday feel to it. I love having days that are a mixture of expenditure of effort and recovery of strength. I love how sweet it is to wake up in the cottage and feel no need to get out of bed until I want to, even though I knew there was work to do. I love that I refuse to let work ruin the mood of the cottage, even though I do get lots of work done when I’m here.

Today I love well made hot chocolate with marshmallows. I love that we try to¬† always have jumbo marshmallows on hand because you never know when you might get the opportunity to roast some. I love that last night I ate the last two in the bag so now jumbo marshmallows are on the list to bring to the cottage. I love that we have a safety bag of jumbo marshmallows at home. I love that every few days I remember that on the day we left for our vacation in January I heard and saw a singing robin in a tree outside of our house and that made me so happy. I love to hear robins singing. I think he was there to say goodbye and good trip and to remind me to come home ’cause great things are going to be happening soon.

Today I love drinking coffee at the cottage while I write and the ice grinds at the shore.