shells in the surf

The sea redecorating …

Today I love swimming in the sea, though I must admit we didn’t last too long. I love that it feels good to lie on a beach in the sun in February. I love that we were almost the only ones in the water, and that we could only see one other soul way down the beach getting wet on a two mile stretch of sandy shore. I love all the sea shells and sea glass in a long line along the edge of the sea’s leading surf edge, how it looks so perfectly arranged and yet it is rearranged with every wave, as if the Mediterranean has looked at it and thought, “No, that’s not quite what I wanted to do, let’s try this …” and with each sloshing, foaming wave it lifts it all up and resettles it all in a different pattern that still looks the same to me, even though I saw all the shells and glass and sand swirling round and tumbling to its new places. I love how alive water always seems, like our beach at home that sometimes decorates the edge of the shore with a thin line of sand and then sometimes takes that away and tumbles small rocks into the same place. I love walking forever along the shore of the sea here and the way it smells of brine when it is wild with the on shore wind bringing with it the bits of foam that escape the tops of the waves .

Today I love that this town is so busy even though it is the off season. I love that winter here is like late spring and early autumn at home, warm enough to go in short sleeves on some days but not so warm that you don’t understand people wearing sweaters and shorts. I love that we saw snow falling just a few days ago and just a hundred kilometers away, but we were in the mountains and that’s just the way things are here.

Today I love sitting still and soaking up the sun without feeling any guilt. I love that I am silently correcting lots of grammar on Facebook, and sometimes not so silently having fun with some of the more amusing examples of it. I love that I will be back home in less than a week, though I am very aware that I will miss this place greatly.

Today I love sipping coffee and contemplating shells and sea glass and wondering why we don’t have as much of that at home … probably because we don’t have an ocean front at home, just our mighty inland sea.