It’s a windy one out there …

Today I love Olympic closing ceremonies¬† and all the wild and crazy things the do to put on a show like that. I love the online CBC feed and the funny stuff that happens there because they’re just streaming the raw feed that they use for broadcasting so you here funny half conversations and then you hear them doing little promo spots and sometimes they do them two or three times to get them just right. I love all the pageantry of the Olympics, but I love all the emotion of the participants even more. I love watching Olympic curling even when we don’t win, but I will admit that I love it partly because it’s pretty rare that we don’t win. I love the excitement that runs quietly through conversations all over the world when the Olympics are on, or at least all over my community and I assume it is the same in many places around the world. I love that there are still competitions to come because next up is the Paralympics. I love that once the Olympics and Paralympics are over there are people who will start working on getting to the 2022 Olympics and Paralympics.

Today I love that we tried mixed doubles curling last night and that was a lot of fun. I love that we learned that we have a lot to learn about curling and mixed doubles curling yet, and that’s good because it’s good to have goals and it’s good to have things to do. I love that this weekend still isn’t over and that there are still things to do. I love that we have choir tonight. I love that my life keeps coming back to music because music is one of my oldest memories and music has filled every niche of my life.

Today I love milk and cookies. I love that every few minutes a break in the clouds occurs and the sun comes streaming in behind us and reminds us that it is another beautiful day out there and I think perhaps if the wind dies down a bit I may go for a walk. I love that I may do that at the cottage because I love going there. I love that there may be doughnuts involved in this day if we head over that way and happen to accidentally stop at the doughnut store in the town nearby.

Today I love sipping coffee in the living room on a windy day while the Olympic closing ceremonies stream live with fun commentary.