remotes, coffee

Coffee and Olympic TV, that’s how we roll

Today I love Mixed Doubles Curling and, SPOILER ALERT, the fact that Canada won gold at the Olympics for this event making them the world leader with more Olympic gold medals in Mixed Doubles Curling than any other country in the world with a total of one of them. Yay Canada. I love that I think that is funny. I also love that someone brought up the topic of trying to fix the Olympics and my mind instantly went to creating more new events, like luge moguls, team pursuit four man bobsleigh, and downhill slalom relay races. I also love crokicurl though I’ve never played it and I’m just now realizing that if you’ve never heard of crokinole you won’t have any idea what I’m talking about, but you should google crokicurl, you can thank me later. I love that I have been up a while because I’m still not over the jet lag stuff and have a hard time staying up as late as I normally do. I love that there was curling on when I got up and it was the aforementioned gold medal mixed doubles game so we watched it. I love that we’re going to try playing doubles curling in a couple of weeks and I love that there might be a league starting up at my club so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.

Today I love that I have a busy week ahead of me, with meetings and jobs to do and lunch appointments and other grown up stuff and whenever that happens I always get a picture of myself as a little boy in a baggy oversized suit with pant legs and sleeves too long and a briefcase that almost drags on the floor. I love that I’ve had a couple of ideas for songs lately and it would be nice to see the end of that long drought.

Today I love that there is strawberries in the porridge. I love that we have cooked enough food to last several days and I love leftovers so that’s a double love thing. I love that the consensus is that the current quantity of flour in the pantry is sub par and so we’ve decided to get new flour and use the stuff we have for sauces and bread in the bread-maker only … maybe try it for pie crusts and see what happens. I love when there is household agreement on things and that seems to happen a lot in this house. I love that there are many things coming up in the near future that could be called adventures.

Today I love coffee and being able to sip it leisurely in front of the TV while John and Kaitlyn throw rocks for gold.