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On the road again ♪♫♪

Today I love mini adventures like this trip to the big city that we are on. I love that an acquaintance of mine spoke such deep truth this morning when he said so simply that life is a road and you never know what is around the next curve, so you just have to have gratitude for what comes your way. I love that I live my life gratitudinally, I live a gratitudinal life. I love that I don’t care that my spell checker says that those aren’t words. what does it know? I love the sweet sunny morning that we are experiencing on the road. I love that there will be an adventurous road lunch today. I love the big cities in my little sphere of familiar territory. I love that I will be going to downtown Toronto to spend a weekend wandering around again this year. I love that last year caught me by surprise when I went there because I found a piece of my life there, found childhood memories that I never realized I’d lost, caught a glimpse of my grandfather, a whiff of his pipe tobacco where no one was smoking, found a tear on my cheek for the happiness of remembering him and his gruff and determined ways.

Today I love feeling vital and strong, even though my back is twinging a little from this past weekend’s activities. I love that we arranged the beds in the bedrooms at the cottage and it turned out that all of them that were in storage got used. I love that I’m seriously thinking about spending a night in the bunky at the cottage because that seems like it would be a great adventure, even though I’m decades removed from being a teenager. I love that there will still be snow falling in my world this winter, but for right now it seems pretty spring like and I can live with that.

Today I love Syrian food. I love leftovers. I love planning meals that kind of feel exciting. I love opportunities to prove myself. I love good reading time and great books, and I love how when I don’t have the time or the money or the strength for a good adventure I can always enjoy one vicariously through a book. I love the way light looks different through some windows. I love stained glass, I may have to start working with it again soon.

Today I love drinking coffee and writing in the car on the road.