empty coffee mug

Must have been good stuff 😉

Today I love listening to the world, the soft babbling of dripping water from roof and tree and fence and bush, the shushing of cars as they squish by me on the road as I walk in the lovely melting morning. I love feeling the breeze that seems so mild and pleasant but would have been so cold to experience in Spain last week. I love how the difference between good and bad is often context and the context is often decreed by perception and perception is under our control, so the difference between good and bad is often up to us. I love these little teasers that Winter offers us, telling us her sister, Spring, is coming soon and telling us about her so we’ll be predisposed to liking her. I love when relatives come calling and stay on for a while. I love that even though it’s supposed to cool down again tomorrow, the long range forecast suggests that it will still be warmer than it has been, with daytime highs hovering in the freezing area instead of way below. I love winter, but I love mostly that it changes its character with such ease, sometimes being wild and merciless and then just hours later being soft and languid and ready to move on for a while.

Today I love the way Thursday’s sometimes find themselves at loose ends, wishing they had something of importance to share with the world, not realizing that being Thursday is a pretty important thing in itself. I love Thursday people who seem to struggle to find their worth and value, all the while not realizing that we need them so, that they are part of our community. I love when other people suddenly realize how important even Thursday people are to the world.

Today I love oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins, and honey in it. I also loved the last batch of oatmeal that had strawberries in it that we had frozen ourselves. I love that the sun keeps brightening up the silver clouds, though it has yet to really break through here this morning. I love that the barbecue has no snow on it and I’m eyeing it with a spirit of adventure and pondering what might be an interesting supper for this evening. I love that the driveway is clear with all this melting. I love the moodiness of this darkling day with brighter highlights.

Today I love drinking good coffee while I write my daily …. wait a minute, my coffee cup is empty. I’ll have to go fill it up again. Hopefully I’ll get to write for you tomorrow. I’ll love that.