moon over Mediterranean

The Fuengirola moon over the north of Africa

Today I love Joni Mitchell because, even though it was written about life in Matala in Greece, I can hear the Mediterranean in every bar of Carey. I love that that song won’t stop playing in my head, and even though I usually hate when I can’t get a song out of my head, Dr. Joni’s music is always welcome there. I love that I break into song at random times and the Spanish people and the tourists here look at me like I’m some strange foreigner and that’s okay because they’re right … I am. I love that I often replace the Matala with Marbella and even Malaga sometimes because I’m about half way between the two of those towns. I love that I refuse to talk about fare-thee-wells now, and every time the wind is in from Africa like last night, or I hear that scratchy rock and roll, I look to the bright Matala moon and dream of staying here in the south of Spain on the Costa del Sol. I love that I know in my heart that I am going home to my wonderful snow covered and well chilled Canada in less than a week and when I am home I will laugh and shake my head when it snows and dream of how I had almost escaped the cold and yet, I know I would miss it so much if I did not return to my homeland. I love that my passport doesn’t tell me I can go away so much as it tells me I have a home to return to.

Today I love that this will be the day that we dive into the Mediterranean and swim, though the locals will be looking askance at us and shaking their heads in their turn at those crazy Canadians in that cold and chilly water. I love that it has calmed down and the waves are not as tall as we are now and would barely splash my knees if I stood at the edge of where the water never quite leaves between waves. I love that the current plan is to simply charge the water and throw ourselves headlong into the surf. I love that we walked the waves already this morning and the water is 60 degrees, or as we say here in Spain and back home in Canada, it’s 15 degrees Celsius, and that’s pretty good as far as we Canadians are concerned.

Today I love breakfast in the sun on the coast with the salty wind from Africa breezing softly past me. I love that we are laughing and wandering, not aimlessly, but carelessly around this coastal town and showing people what it looks like to be unable to stop smiling at the world.

Today I love drinking coffee while checking for sand under my fingernails and making sure there’s no beach tar on my feet.