Breakfast love

Today I love good fortune. I love that I got to portray the Money God or the God Of Good Fortune, the Cai Shen yesterday for the Chinese New Year’s celebrations. I love that, since celebrations are ongoing I will get to do that again in a couple of weeks at the end of the celebrations here in our town. I love that it snowed yesterday and last night, but it is supposed to be above freezing today and over the next three days and even might get into the fifties by Tuesday. I love this time of the year when the weather is so volatile and changeable, when it is clearly winter one day and then the next you can’t help but wonder if maybe spring has come early. I love that I have much to do over the next couple of days, though I have every intention of sneaking in some weekend into the mix of work and errands. I love that I have lasted a long time doing only things I feel compelled to do and things I want to do … oh, and the laundry and dishes and housework too. 😉 I love my busy, busy life.

Today I love breakfast being cooked while I write. I love the wonderful variations of food that happen in my world, from old local rural dishes handed down to me by my mother and her mother and others in my lineage through all the different available local cuisines to all the wonderful Mediterranean dishes and Asian foods that we both have in our diets and also the ones we are willing to experiment with for adventure. I love that I have eaten some pretty odd things in my life and am honest about my reactions to them.

Today I love plans to go to the cottage. I love watching Olympic sports. I love how much passion for winter sports is in me and I love that I can’t explain why other than that I am a Canadian. I love fried mushrooms. I love good packing snow that can be used to make snowpeople. I love walking in the winter. I love how excited I get about going curling. I love that one of my next adventures might be to be on TV. I love performing and I love people who perform. I love this crazy, wonky world that brings me so many fun and varied things to do.

Today I love drinking coffee and eating homemade breakfast.