The mill pond in the sun

Today I love getting up and going on beautiful mornings when the world seems to be ready to welcome me to explore and wander. I love that, even though I have a pile of stuff to do, I took the opportunity to go for a little walk to the mill pond and see the sunshine through the trees. I love that the pond still exists and the dam still works even though the mill’s purposeful labors are long gone. I love the way towns try to keep the big things going when their economy changes. I love determined, strong communities. I love that the sun keeps coming out and shining and then disappearing again. I love that the weather is balmy and warm today, reaching for the fifties. I love that there is talk of snow overnight and all day tomorrow, love that there will be tastes of winter yet but we’ve already had the dessert of Spring brought to our table, already snuck a taste of it and though we’ll finish our Winter entree we will be looking forward now to the blues and greens and earthy sweet browns of the next course. I love that I’m not full yet, but I’m nearly done with this course, three more weeks and I’ll be ready for Spring.

Today I love how silly I can be at times, like calling the first day of any month “fool’s day” so that tomorrow is “March Fool’s Day.” I make myself laugh more than I should. I love that there is so much joy and laughter along the sides of the strange paths my mind wanders on daily. I love that it is the strangeness of these pathways that has caused me to approach life in the joyous way that I do. I love that life is a snow globe of happy and every time I shake it up it just settles in a new and happier pattern of joy.

Today I love that I made oatmeal this morning after breakfast so there will be lots for the rest of the week. I love that tomorrow I’ll be starting work on the upstairs ceiling with the weird spot that’s been annoying me. I love that I have a plan to strip all the pebbly finish off that ceiling and I love that I know I’m going to hate doing that and I know that I’m going to really love it when it is done because I really don’t like those pebbled finishes, though a big part of why I don’t like them is because when something goes wrong like you get a weird spot, you can’t fix it without stripping the whole ceiling and I don’t enjoy that so there’s how to love something you hate right there, eh? Ha, I love that I can convince myself that I love this.

Today I love drinking coffee in my Wednesday office on a beautiful morning in a mill pond town with the sun shine highlighting the day.