backyard stone path

The pathway to Spring …

Today I love finding my own way through life and since I’m not currently lost and haven’t been really lost in quite a long time I’m calling it a success so far. I love that I have memories of having been lost, badly lost, and I have found my way back to the world and to a life I can love. And I do love this life, and in retrospect I love every part of it that I have experienced so far, the good parts that are full of warm memories and the bad parts that have taught me to love every thing that I can find to love. I love that the difficult parts of my life have made me realize that you get what you get and if you let the dark parts blind you you cannot find the light hiding in the corners and the cracks, and that light, when focused on, is always more beautiful because of the dark surrounding it, and always worth looking for. I love that my adventures are far from over and high on my list is an upcoming return visit to the city of my birth this spring. I love that I will be mesmerized by that sparkling town again, as I was last year at the same time.

Today I love watching Olympic curling while I write, even though we’re down one and have no hammer in the tenth, but there’s a great chance for a raise and roll with the skips rocks … sorry ’bout the curling talk. I love that as I write this they’re talking it over on the TV and they seem pretty excited by the possibility. I love that no matter what happens, I’ll still be curling tomorrow night and again on Saturday night. I love that Saturday night will be us trying doubles curling and that’s going to be rocking good fun.

I love that work is picking up and that I am often busy these days. I love that so much of the snow is gone, even though I just bought new cross country skis yesterday. I love that the weather is supposed to be milder than I expected it to be, with highs above freezing expected over the next week. I love weather and its wily ways, always with the unexpected and yet always there is something in it to admire, warming, cleansing, fallowing, testing, strengthening, shaping the earth and us.

Today I love drinking coffee in the living room in the definitely moody light from a snow-free backyard while the curling game ends in sadness for my team but happiness for others, and look, there’s the light hiding in the darkness.