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Today I Love Dry Driveways

clouds ... mostly
There’s a brilliant sky up there …

Today I love dry driveways and the fact that I was able to walk out to the car to load it up … IN MY SLIPPERS!!! Ha. I love how the world changes every day, sometimes so subtly that you have to be a really diligent detective to see the differences, and sometimes so grandly that you have to be a really diligent detective to find all the changes, and I don’t think all the changes are ever found, but I love looking for them. I love the indirect lighting behind the bank of clouds to the East, making the blue sky above show hazy patches of a blue that looks like it would be regal and deep if it weren’t for the haze. I love that my last plane flight was above the clouds and in the sun the whole way and it was pretty nice to be in sunny, bright daylight for so long, since we were actually chasing the sun. I love how low the snow has settled and the layers that show on the edges of the places that have been cleared with blowers, like the edges of canyons that are ancient and you can see the different ages in cross section. I love that looking at winter snow can be like geology and archaeology on a weeks-old subject, that’s funny. I love the way snow crunches when it is so cold that it just refuses to pack together. I love the way snow sticks when the temperature gets close to the freezing point and I love people making snowpeople when that happens.

Today I love that it is Friday and though I am so very, very busy, the end of the week is in sight and that does indeed mean open mic and curling, ’cause that’s how we roll here in the great white north, music and throwing rocks on sheets of ice. I love how all the Olympians are working so hard to realize their dreams of world domination in a friendly sort of dominance where they are all so proud of each other’s accomplishments.

Today I love that there is a fictional character who has never really been heard of by most people and that character has been calling to me lately to finish telling his tale so that the world could have the opportunity to meet him and hear what he has done and I feel compelled to do that for him, because he was a friend who loved, unconditionally, those who treated him with respect, and respected those who treated him with indignity to the best of his abilities and now he deserves to have his story finished.

Today I love drinking coffee in the quiet light of the glowing eastern sky as the day dawns earlier than yesterday and gives this world a little shove further on into the year’s seasons.

Today I Love Dry Driveways

Kelly Babcock

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