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Today I Love Being Stoked

homemade bread
Loaf of love

Today I love being stoked about a new day in my same old life that I’ve been away from for a while. I love that my same old life was great when I left for holidays and it’s great now that I’m back. I love that, though there are things I don’t enjoy doing in it, I get to do them and make those things done, and that’s the best part of things that I don’t enjoy and that kind of makes me enjoy them. I love that there are things I love to do and I get to do a lot of those as well. I love that I’ve figured out how easy it is for me to make my life good, and it’s all perspective so it’s all pretty easily done. I love that I don’t really enjoy doing laundry, but it’s already started so I’m that much closer to it being finished. I love the smell of fresh clean laundry and the sight of laundry all folded in a neat pile, so while I don’t love doing laundry I love laundry being done, even if it’s by me. 😉

Today I love homemade bread and the way it makes the house smell. I love that a few months ago I mentioned that if I ever found a bread maker that was obviously newish and made a normal shaped loaf of bread and had the manual with it at a thrift store for a decent price I’d buy it so fast the cord would be flying behind me as I raced out of the door … and within a couple of days I came across the very thing I’d said I would buy and now we make bread when we need it, and we don’t knead it. I love that I’m so Canadian that I have to apologize for that pun, I’m sorry.

Today I love being home and being back on schedule, even though everything is odd and new seeming and different. I love how my world seems distantly familiar, satisfyingly strange and comfortingly normal at the same time. I love that just last week I was walking through streets that were hundreds of years old in shorts, and now I have those memories to treasure. I love that there are wonders yet to see. I love that I will never live long enough to exhaust all the possibilities of adventure that lie before me.

Today I love quietly drinking coffee while the washing machine has a go at the laundry and the bread maker idles on the counter after making itself useful.

Today I Love Being Stoked

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