Obstructed view through window

The driveway’s out there somewhere … I ain’t looking.

Today I love being back to work full time on all the different jobs I do, none of which are actually full time. I love how so many of my different jobs seem to interact with each other just outside of my sphere of control, isn’t that interesting? I love how that makes people think I’m in deeper than I am in all these things, but I’m quick to point out the limits of my control because I love not being responsible for things I can’t control. I love that control is actually an illusion, and the more correct term is influence. I love that I have earned a lot of opportunity for influence over many different things. I love influencing the world around me in the most positive way I can manage. I love that when I realized that control is an illusion and influence is a reality I became much more conscious of how much good I could do and much more aware of my actions. I love observing others who influence positively. I love that influence is a greater power than the misperception of control could ever be. I love watching people use their power for good things.

Today I love that yesterday’s breakfast was so good that we repeated it today. I love that I have sought peace in my bed while I hear the distant susurrations of the Olympics on the TV downstairs. I love that I am drawn to watch, but I have work to do so I will do the right thing and feel good about my accomplishments and stream the things I missed later today to catch up. I love that I can work from bed. I love that I have not yet looked to see if the drive needs to be cleaned out from overnight snowfall. I love that yesterday someone blew the snow out of the driveway and did an amazing job, while I wrote. I love how able we are and that it’s not just ability, but state of mind. I love determination of heart and steadiness of soul.

Today I love tangerine pomegranate marmalade. I love that I recently found out that pomegranate is quite likely the result of the idea of apples of Granada and I think that is the coolest thing because “living languages” and etymology, and just, wow! Am I right? I love that I have wifi that goes with me if I need it to. I love how quietly excited I am about doubles curling, both in the Olympics, and here at the club where we curl, ’cause we’ve decided to give that a try.

Today I love drinking coffee and writing while I ignore the driveway and it’s possible filling of snow.