computer in cafe

At the ol’ office

Today I love being back in my Wednesday office in the café with the cars swishing by on Main and the quiet music whispering in the kitchen and the convenience store blinking red and blue LED lit signs at me from across the street. I love feeling like I’ve bumped into an good friend from not so long ago in my past and I’m ready to share all the tales of my adventures with them. I love how the convenience store always reminds me that I need to get a ticket on the lottery for today. I love that sometimes I do that and then I dream about who I’d help and how I’d do that if I won. I love that I’m pretty sure I’d still be writing if I won the lottery but I doubt that I could be bothered to remember to bill clients if that happened, pesky paperwork, eh?  I love that I am home and things are getting back to normal, though I kind of think that normal is just a feeling we get when we do things the same for a while, and I have to say that everything is different now because I’m an adventurer and I’m putting it out there into the universe that I am ready for adventure and now just being home for a while is an adventure for me.

Today I love that we spent time at the cottage on the weekend and watched shore ice break up and drift off. I love that yesterday was a normal Tuesday unless you consider the fact that it got up to 63° by last night and we opened up every window upstairs and warmed the place up with beautiful humid rain cleaned air and I slept so soundly and I dreamed of water and I’m pretty sure it was because of that fresh airing out of the house.

Today I love a never ending pot of coffee at my office. I love that I am being asked to be the Cai Shen again on Friday for a school visit. I love how this week is broken up. I love that next Monday I will be making new efforts to make it possible to maybe experience yet another big adventure in my life. I love that there is so much leftover food in our fridge, and we didn’t have any big dinner, we just kept making more food, and now we get leftovers and I love leftovers.

Today I love drinking good coffee in my Wednesday café office.