my back yard

A sunny, bright, warm, winter day

Today I love a different start to a normally busy day. I love that this is Valentine’s Day. I love that our morning was a little lazy because of a unique situation at somebody’s office so we got to watch most of the Canadian Men’s second game of Olympic curling on the couch with breakfast. I love that that is a good enough Valentine’s day start for me. I love people who use Valentine’s day just to remind their friends how they feel about them. I love people who aren’t afraid to show their feelings for others publicly. I love fearless love, even the “between friends” kind, maybe even especially that kind. I love people who respect love no matter who the participants are, because love is hard enough to find and shouldn’t be stressed from outside the system. I love that many of my friends are posting their love of life and relationships and the like on social media. I love how so many of my friends are friends because they met online through mutual friends. I love people who love each other without ever having met.

Today I love that the temperature is climbing steadily and is threatening to go well above freezing this afternoon. I love that, even though I’m swamped with work today, I intend to get out in that wonderful sunshine and warmth and suck up all the fresh air I can find. I love that I am meeting people and organizing work so that I can keep busy. I love my job and my life and my home and my family and days like this remind me of all of that. I love the idea that these are the good old days, because they really are.  I love that the week is half over and soon we’ll be curling again. I love that I am so excited about trying mixed doubles curling that I can’t stop talking about it. I love how I used to think that curling was exciting and now it seems a little pale in comparison to mixed doubles.

Today I love Kraft Dinner for lunch. I love that in Canada it is known as KD (kay-dee) and the person who hasn’t tried it is a rare bird indeed. I love that the geranium is blooming again, just to remind me that I was going to prune it back and now I don’t want to until it is done with this flower. I love that spring is chasing us down hard and I love that we’re running as fast as we can to that rendezvous that is just five weeks away.

Today I love couch-coffee-curling-sipping mornings as much as yesterday and I’m glad I got that in this morning because now I’m just too busy to watch anymore … but I love being busy, so that works. And of course I love this sunny day.