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Today I Love My Musical Mind

Today I love that I am on Holidays. But I love my job and I love writing these posts. My intention is to keep writing “Today I Love …” while I holiday, but I’ve made provision to republish some of my favorite posts if I cannot access the internet on any particular day. Today is one of those days, but I love that I get to share this post from February 7th, 2016 with you again. Please, read on …

A good sky
A good sky for coffee drinking

Today I love the music ringing in my ears from the weekend so far. I love that we played on Friday night, taking our turn with musical friends and entertaining ourselves and the public that came to see and hear. I love that yesterday started out with the music of the market in full swing and progressed to the café where I mostly just played at one corner of the table and occasionally commented on conversations I’d only half heard and probably wasn’t in sync with. I love that from there the day moved to the art gallery for the opening of the multiple entries of the Year of the Monkey art show where the public got to meet with the artists. I love that we then dashed off to the symphony for a very eclectic matinée that we got in to on friend’s tickets and it was jaw-droppingly good. I love how we ended the day at a screening of a wonderful short film made by a friend, Chris McGruer, and that screening was followed by a set of music by the four friends who had recorded the musical soundtrack for the film.

Today I love how I’m not exhausted after all this stuff I’ve done so far this weekend, which is a good thing, because I have to go to work this afternoon. I love that I have a small job to do this week, I love that when we’re done there will be a wanted wall where none stood before. I love that when work is done today I’ll be off to choir practice to end my weekend with yet more music. I love how weekends roll, and I love rolling with weekends, ’cause that’s how I roll too.

Today I love that the cardinals were at the feeder this morning, and they were worth more than a passing glance. So much color, such rich frocks. I’m sorry they bolted when the coffee grinder started, but they’ve heard it all before, they’ll be back. I love the way the finches and buntings bounce from branch to branch, seeming to skip through the leafless quince bush like it’s their playground, and of course it is. I love the streaked blue and grey sky that seems to glow with the promise of sunlight even as it hides the sunlight from us.

Today I love coffee, sipping on it as I slowly reanimate my recharged body for the next day of this full scheduled weekend. Mmmmm, that’s the stuff, another cup under the striated sky and then off to decide where to find breakfast.

Today I Love My Musical Mind

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