sun's up

Good morning

Today I love this sunny beginning to this glorious day of change. I love that the predawn sky was glowing with the promise of coming spring, even though it is weeks away yet. I love that I am sitting in my Wednesday office with my hair a bit crazy and a wild look on my face as I edit things and write things and I love thinking that people must see a crazy man and wonder what kind of madness he is writing and smiling about. I love thinking about what their reaction might be if they knew that I’m smiling about what they’re seeing. Ha. I love finding my way through all the different things I do every day. I love my Wednesdays especially much because they are the day that I abandon my housework and pretend to be a creative IT/editor/writerly person. I love that I seem to be able to pull that schtick off. I love how much I love my life. I love that I am preparing myself to miss it in a couple of weeks while I go on holidays. I love that I intend to maintain these posts during my holidays. I love that there is a plan afoot to keep posts popping up on this blog every day, though some of them may be reminiscent, and I intend to have a hand in those posts because, quite frankly, writing this blog is never going to be something that would take away from a holiday.

Today I love that when I go on vacation my truck is going to take a little time to stay over at the mechanic’s and get some of its little bugaboos ironed out. I love that I am grudgingly falling in love with that thing, though I hate grey and I’m not keen on the make of the thing, but I suppose I can’t hold that against it. I love that I’m getting used to the height of the box, and the height of the cab, and the size of everything about it. I love that I now know where my wheels are with pretty good accuracy.

Today I love crunchy caramel bits in shortbread, because that’s just wrong, but it’s so right. I love that supper is at home cooking away on its own, yay slow cookers. I love making progress on things that will make other things easier. I love that we got a new faucet for the old chalet bathroom, that drip, drip, drip thing annoys me more than I let on. I love looking forward to changing the name of the chalet back to being the cottage, it won’t be long.

Today I love drinking the coffee and doing the things while the glorious day glows sunny and bright and then slides determinedly toward rain.