Today I love that I am on Holidays. But I love my job and I love writing these posts. My intention is to keep writing “Today I Love …” while I holiday, but I’ve made provision to republish some of my favorite posts if I cannot access the internet on any particular day. Today is one of those days, but I love that I get to share this post from January 31st, 2016 with you again. Please, read on …

Just enough to light a corner of the kitchen

Just enough to light a corner of the kitchen

Today I love that tiny spot of sunlight shining through the trees and striking the insides of south facing kitchens and morning rooms. I love how a room can be “bright enough” in the morning light of a cloudy day and then suddenly a tear in the clouds aligns between you and the sun and the world just brightens up as honey colored light pours stickily in through windows. I love the feeling of being blessed that that brings, like things are right, good, and the universe is telling you so, because you deserve to know. Come on in, sunshine, and stick to the walls, stick to the kitchen, stick to my life.

Today I love that there is a freedom in realizing that we are all so different that the yardstick by which others measure themselves cannot be applied to anyone else. That means that people cannot accurately measure your life, your qualities, by their specifications. There are no standards that apply to everyone. I appreciate that we all look similar enough that some mistakenly believe that there are standards for just being a person, but I love that any serious thought given for any amount of time will show that idea to be the fraud that it is. And here’s the truly great part of this truth, once someone has forgone the idea of gauging others by a set of social weights and measures, it is easier to find the loveable things in them. I love that you find love when you stop looking for things to criticize.

Today I love that it is Sunday, and that somewhere there will be breakfast. It will happen, maybe here, maybe there, maybe chosen from a paper menu, maybe read off a menu on the wall, maybe just discovered in the fridge. There is something calm and quietly happy about breakfast on Sunday. It is a spiritual thing in and of itself. It is healing and healthy and good. I love Sunday breakfast.

Today I love coffee, served with the sweet honey of morning sunlight, sipped while contemplating the joy of people’s qualities and the wonder of uniqueness represented by each person. I love that coffee gives me comfort and that comfort gives me the pause I need to think. And even better than that, I love that coffee, generally speaking, is a part of Sunday breakfast. Look, it’s right there on the menu. There’s a sure sign of love.