distant sun

Promising more …

Today I love the pale cool light of this northern winter sun. I love how it turns it’s tiny corner of the silver white of a snowy January morning to pale golden sweetness. I love that it hoards its strength at this time of year, saving it up in order to keep the glorious promises of spring and summer that it has made. I love that I am not putting any pressure on old Sol to remember those promises because it has never failed to try its best for me and it’s always been glorious when the promise is kept. I love waiting for spring. I love knowing that the harder winter is the more I will revel in Spring’s final soft presence when she introduces her sister, Summer, and the ghosts of this season will be no more than my fond remembrances of days of cold work and well chilled adventures. I love my place in this world, I am thankful for this time I’ve been given, and I will not insult the love I have for life by complaining about the weather I have thus far survived relatively unscathed through. I love this wonderment of life and all its magnificent adventures, small and large.

Today I love that it is Sunday, and tonight is the first night back at choir practice. I love that we all know the songs we are doing this season already, and the list is amazing. I love that I’m so comfortable with these songs that I have no qualms about taking the next two Sundays off for personal adventures. I love that even though these adventures are going to be amazing, I will still miss being at choir practice. I love that today is a busy day, and I love that it has a whole day’s worth of minutes and hours for me to get the things I need to do done.

Today I love the comforting sounds of laundry washing in the laundry room. I love that it didn’t snow enough for me to have to clear out the driveway this morning. I love that breakfast was especially good today. I love staying in bed for a while when I wake up and just letting the day settle in around me. I love finding my way each day through all the things that life throws my way, some of them need to be ducked and some caught and kept, and some I just need to let hit me square in the face with all their goodness.

Today I love drinking coffee in the pale, cool light of a golden northern sun.