coffee and blitz torte

Mmmmm, birthday coffee

Today I love that it’s my fifty-ninth birthday. I love the reactions I get when I say, “Suddenly, in his sixtieth year, Kelly J. Babcock made a coffee.” I love that I’ve made it this far when I was sure as a teenager that I would not make it past twenty-one and with good reason. I love that my recklessness did not end me. I love that I am still reckless and thus far reasonably wreckless as well. I love that my recklessness is mostly manifested these days in matters of adventure and emotion. I love the very day I’m in no matter what day it is, but I love this day even more because it is the day that I borrowed from my mother this beating heart that keeps me going, left the safety of her womb and began the adventures that made her smile and fret and laugh and worry. I love that if I get the opportunity to return this heart to her in some other place that, although it is scarred badly, each one of those scars is a scar of honor, that they will tell stories of hope and longing and success and winning and, yes, sometimes losing, but always trying and always moving forward.

Today I love that I got a spontaneous gift at the market and it was delicious. I love that my sleepy little city still hums quietly in the cold and frozen, early January Saturday mornings, that people are still about, still cheerful and still happy to greet each other. I love that all I need to do is walk around a little and I will inevitably find some example of this towns love for each new day. I love how, on this day especially, I am aware that each day is a gift and and that acting as if it were a burden is acting ungratefully and that is the surest way to lose the love in ones own heart. I love that knowing that makes living and loving the easiest way of living.

Today I love that my team won at curling last night. I love that my game seems to be getting better, though I’m not sure what I’m doing that’s making it better, so I’m not sure if that’s a trend or an anomaly, but I don’t care, ’cause right now I’m just going to enjoy that and love it. I love Blitz Torte (or as my grandmother called it, Blitzen Cake) for birthday cake. I love that there are two of them in the pantry, torte and re-torte! Boom!

Today I love drinking coffee with my feet up while I anxiously await the birthday re-torte.