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Today I Love Sunday Breakfast In Spain

Ronda street
Older than old …

Today I love Sunday breakfast in Spain where we are apparently going out to meet friends. I love that this is something I’ve done many times in my life in Canada and so it seems both exotic and familiar for me to be doing this here. I love that yesterday we saw Marbella, spent a bit of time there, walked through the old town and I pictured my mother there seeing the sights and laughing and being happy, something she did so very well, and I was content to have found one of her life’s prizes and know that she would have been happy to know I had been there. I love that the sun shone on us while we were there, and that we ate fish and drove through the new part of town. I love that yesterday in Fuengirola we ate Churros Y chocolate for breakfast in a street side churreria in the sun. I love that we walked the beach of Fuengirola again yesterday afternoon as the sun was dropping from the sky and then came home to dinner. I love this easy life we’ve found to settle into for our holidays, lots of walking, lots of cobbled and tiled streets everywhere, and no snow. I love the old parts of Spanish beach towns where there is sometimes just enough room for two people to walk side by side so long as they don’t meet people coming the other way down the narrow streets with the pleasant shops and laughing children. I love that the locals can be easily identified by their hats and scarves while the Canadians can be picked out by their sandals, shorts and T-shirts.

Today I love how being on vacation makes me more observant of everyday things, how I notice the smell of the air and the color of the light. I love that today we went to historic Ronda and before we got out of the mountains on the way home it snowed to make me feel at home. I love that we drove from mid 30’s and slushy snow to mid 50’s and sunshine in less than an hour. I love how high the surf was when we drove along the shore, how wild and alive the Mediterranean looked. I love being here.

Today I love how old these towns are, how you can see things that have been here for longer than anyone you know or knew has been alive or around. I love feeling like I’m just passing through a place that will still be here long after I’m gone, like I could help it or I could hinder it, but I’m not likely ever going to be able to break it.

Today I love good, thick coffee and happy cheerful people chatting and laughing out loud and real.

Today I Love Sunday Breakfast In Spain

Kelly Babcock

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