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Today I Love Pancakes And Syrup

mature rubber tree
Urban rubber tree

Today I love pancakes and syrup and I love that we cooked the pancakes for our host and that the syrup came with us from Canada and it is locally made maple syrup. I love the adventure of cooking North-American pancakes with ingredients labeled in Spanish. I love that they turned out not bad. I love that I have never before eaten pancakes in sight of orange and banana trees and cacti before, there is a time for everything, is there not? I love that the front yard here is shaded by a rubber tree that is as tall as many maples from home, and though our host dislikes it because the leaves that fall never decompose (made out of rubber apparently, 😉 ) it is really quite a sight to see when one is used to these trees being no more than six feet tall and growing in pots. I love that there are palm trees all over, I love that we have driven through mountains as casually as one might drive around a lake bake home. I love the way that this land is so casually accepted for its beauty by the locals while at the same time it is so wildly unique to me. I love that I am all but speechless at its magnificence.

Today I love that this day is a recharge day and that we have little more planned than a walk around town and down to the beach and maybe a bit of gardening with our host. I love that every time we walk through town I see things that make me wonder. I love that a corner of my heart wants to stay here and it has tugged me by the sleeve to look at real estate windows and calculate exchange rates and contemplate beach front and acreage and condominium offerings. I love that last night we went down to the water again and the surf was tearing at the sandy beach and the spray from the whitecaps was drifting in like fog and the taste of salt when I licked my lips was wonderfully fresh and old at the same time; hello wild Atlantic water, are you drifting through the Mediterranean just to say hi to me? That’s awfully nice of you, haven’t had a chance to talk like this since Halifax, eh?

Today I love how it only took us a few minutes of waiting for help when we accidentally locked ourselves out of the house the other day. I love that the temperature is cool, but warm enough at this moment to be comfortable here. I love that it is much warmer than at home, it’s 61°F here and just 23°F with a wind chill factor of 14°F at home. (That’s 16°C, -5°C, and -10°C ) I’m okay with the cold, but I’ll be there soon enough, so I’m just going to love this as much as I can ’til I get back.

Today I love coffee and pancakes and balmy winds and Spain.

Today I Love Pancakes And Syrup

Kelly Babcock

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