Today I love that I am on Holidays. But I love my job and I love writing these posts. My intention is to keep writing “Today I Love …” while I holiday, but I’ve made provision to republish some of my favorite posts if I cannot access the internet on any particular day. Today is one of those days, but I love that I get to share this post from January 26th, 2017 with you again. Please, read on …


Paint by snow

Today I love the snow painted fence out back of the house, the rabbit’s hiding spot among the reeds that form a hut roofed with snow. I love the dark green of the cedar’s branches layered with heavy sweeping strokes of snow, the spattered panels of exposed fence, the bare tree branches loaded with white that leaves them dark and scowling in relief. I love the beauty of the work that makes me pause and wonder at its perfect pallet and proportion. I love the way it seems to balance and yet be a collection of random textures just placed in a jumble. I love the winter scenes that grab my eye and blow a chill wind of stark beauty through my heart. I love the funny tricks of snow on fence tops and deck rails. I love winter and its determination, and I love it all the more for knowing that it has less than eight weeks to paint my scenes for me and yet it takes its time and never hurries.

Today I love that there are new discussions on old things that may change the plans and may even be better than the old plans were. I love that I am in no hurry to settle in to any one model of investment and that I’m happy about that. I love that some of what I’m contemplating would surprise more than a few people, but then again, maybe not. We’ll have to wait and see. I love that at the same time that I don’t want to share any of my plan details because so many of them conflict with each other and obviously I can’t do them all and don’t want to disappoint anyone, I still want to shout out all the details of what might happen in my future because they are all exciting possibilities.

Today I love that today I plan to make oatmeal and fill out my passport application. I love that I’m going to pick up a new snowblower and do some laundry. I love that I have a new book to read that is over two inches thick, that I’m only twenty pages in, and that I already can’t believe how stupid its getting. I love that I may have to burn it just because it has some horrid grammar mistakes in it and that would give me great satisfaction.

Today I love coffee while perusing the art in the “back yard gallery” outside the dining room window.