coffee being made

Being present at the coffee maker

Today I love new opportunities to move forward, to be present, to help out. I love that yesterday I got the opportunity to help a family say goodbye. I love that this morning I have the opportunity to help start an old enterprise off in a newer direction. I love that this afternoon I have the opportunity to start a colleague off in a new direction in an enterprise we both endeavor to work at. I love that right now I have the opportunity to test a new/old computer system that I’ve had for several years but that was rebuilt for me and wiped clean for a fresh start for my new adventure next week. I love that it weighs half what my other system weighs and is much smaller, so traveling with it will be easier. I love that it is slower because that gives me the opportunity to laugh at myself when I recognize that I’m getting frustrated with it and remember what my first few computers were like when they were loading DOS from a 5¼” floppy disk. I love that life continues to offer me little opportunities and I love that I recognize them, because without them and my ability to see them my  life would be nothing more than a place holder in a complaints file.

Today I love that I keep remembering things I’ll need on this new/old computer. I love that I thought I was almost done and then I remembered word processing. Ha. And of course I can’t find my install disks for anything. Thank heaven that nothing seems to need install disks anymore. I love that when I installed my graphics manipulation software I was informed that the release I am still using is twenty years old. I love that it still works.

Today I love images of exotic birds. I love exotic images of familiar birds. I love exotic and familiar images of almost any wildlife, what a spectacular world we live in. I love that the upcoming holiday is looking like it will be half lounging (in as much as I can only lounge in an active sort of way) and half scheduled tours and hikes and informal explorations. I love that I’m hoping to fill up at least one good sized memory card with images of interesting and exciting and amazing and beautiful views.

Today I love drinking coffee while I contemplate all the opportunities, every one I can conceive of.