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Today I Love My Last Friday

clean kitchen and coffee
Clean … for now 😉

Today I love my last Friday in January in Canada. I love how this is my last normal weekday before my holidays, but of course it doesn’t feel normal at all because it is the last one of its kind for a couple of weeks and so it is filled with the buzz and hum of getting things ready or finished, the very thing to make it completely not normal at all. I love that I am starting out on an adventure the likes of which I had never anticipated in my life and yet, because I put myself in the way of life, life itself has swept me up and is carrying me along with it to places and sights and times I could only have imagined I might at some point experience. I love that “some point” has arrived as calmly as ones aunt might do and has told me just as calmly to pack my things and do not dawdle and let’s be on our way. I love that the love of my life is encouraging this and, in very real ways, is part of the whole manifestation of this adventure, part of all the parts of it. I love that adventure has lurked like coyotes following along beside me on a parallel trail where all I caught were glimpses for so many years, and now I have switched trails and found that I am swept up with this pack of adventurers, and though they are still glimpses and ghosts, I am among them and on my way.

Today I love that I will end my “normal” Friday in such a normal way, playing and hosting the Friday Afternoon Coffee House & Open Mic at the Bleeding Carrot, and then curling which is a very misnamed sport and should be called sweeping. I love that my “normal” life is filled with laughter and fun and music. I love that today will start out slowly, has started out that way already, but will be busy by the time it gets close to winding up. I love days that draw me in and carry me along, they are like small adventures in their own right.

Today I love maple syrup on oatmeal. I love doing research for articles and posts that I write. I love the smell of books when they haven’t been read for a while, haven’t been aired out. I love cookies, especially home made ones, but I’m not so fussy that I won’t eat your store bought cookies if you leave them out on the counter when I drop by, so be careful. I love that I have cleaned up the kitchen before heading out on my adventure and I’m hoping it will still be clean when I get back.

Today I love coffee in a clean, January, Friday morning kitchen.

Today I Love My Last Friday

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