Hats and mitts and boots and coat

I got this!

Today I love my heavy parka, my cold rated mitts, my felt-pack boots, my trapper hat, my long underwear, my MEC shell, my “starts first time, every time” snow blower, and the wonderful, oxygen rich, freezing cold air that both makes all that gear necessary and makes me feel alive and strong. I love that I know I can stand the cold if I have to, even if it gets colder than this, and I love the little surge of self confidence I get when I have to go out in the cold and I know I’m up for it. I love that I am a tough old dude, stand back winter, I got this! I love how comfortable it is inside the house by the fire, especially knowing that I might have to walk away from it any minute to go move snow for someone and knowing I will get that done and just wander on back home to the fire once again. I love that when I’m outside, all geared up and ready, I feel no driving urge to go back in because I’m that well dressed that I don’t need to. I love how funny I look with ice hanging from my beard, like I’ve got braids with diamond beads hanging from my chin.

Today I love that it is suddenly Thursday again. I love how Thursdays just suddenly appear out of the murky grey of a dissipating Wednesday. It’s as if it were the most natural thing in the world for one day to rise up out of the ghostly mist of another day’s departing soul, and I suppose it is. I love Thursday’s suddenness although after the initial shock of its appearance it becomes quite a tame sort of day, but I love that too. I love how one can rely on Thursday to stay in character for the whole day and never become Sundayish. I love that Thursday usually celebrates itself in the evening, commonly giving the impression that it is the bringer of weekends because it knows Friday well enough to introduce it around.

Today I love my Nikon lenses in my glasses, especially when they are clean. I have never had glasses so thin and light and so clear in my life and I’ve had glasses for over fifty years. I love that there is chicken cooking in the kitchen. I love keeping myself busy. I love finding treasures in books, random phrases or thoughts provoked by words, that make me smile or think cheerful thoughts.

Today I love coffee and its wily way of keeping me on track, especially when I’m heading out into the snow shortly.