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Today I Love Laughter At Breakfast

swans amid ice
Bottoms up …

Today I love laughter at breakfast as the graceful and dramatic swans diving for food present their bottoms to the air, sometimes in perfect unison, amid the pieces of ice along the shore by our chalet. I love that the chunks of ice that are floating by the chalet are less like pans today and more like what my father would refer to as “bergy bits.” I love the way the ice drifts slowly by, taking the swans down the coast until they are pushed out into deeper water and they take wing and fly back past our place. I love that if I wait for them, they will drift past again. I love cyclical swans. I love that the temperature shot up from the staggeringly cold -22°F (-30°C) to 32°F (0°C) in the space of 24 hours. I love that I was able to get much of the snow cleared away at the chalet before I blew another shear pin, and was able to replace it at home and clear out our home driveway and a neighbors as well. I love that there is so much to see and admire in winter, all one needs to do is take the time to look for the beauty.

Today I love perfectly made, slightly bruléed, potato leek soup. I love how great soup is this time of year and I love when there is a great big pot of the stuff and it lasts for several days. I love it even more when there are two pots of two different soups. I love how that takes the pressure off for having to cook for a while. I also love when we can just pull together a meal from odds and ends in the kitchen and it works out great. I love adventures in food, truly fusion things that are created by necessity, and exciting things that are attempted out of a sense of fun.

Today I love doughnuts, even though I restrained myself and didn’t actually go get any. I love that I have taken to calling giant marshmallows “gluten-free doughnuts.” I love that there is a light in our house that somehow keeps getting turned on and that makes me laugh. I love that almost every bulb in this house and at the chalet are LEDs and they rock. I love snowshoeing through deep, untouched snow.

Today I love drinking coffee at the chalet as the bergy bits and swan bottoms go drifting by.

Today I Love Laughter At Breakfast

Kelly Babcock

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