Bread gets a rise out of me …

Today I love fresh baked bread whether it came from the market like today or whether I made it myself like last week when the baker at the market was unable to be there. I love Saturday mornings at the market, the people I know, the great things that come from there, the feeling of a community saying “good morning” together and finding new things to smile about and be happy about. I love how this little city keeps its heart beating and I love how we can feel that pulse if we reach out and take a hold of any of a hundred or so different places where our community gathers and dwells. I love that that pulse is steady and healthy and strong.

Today I love the way little birds tilt over and fall from branches and rails and fences only to suddenly catch themselves in flight and flicker away, presumably laughing at how concerned I was that they were going to plummet to their death but they fooled me. I love cool looking people wearing sunglasses indoors. I love that in just over two weeks I’ll be on the grandest adventure of my lifetime thus far. I love that I’m not going someplace that is swelteringly hot but someplace that is reasonably mild. I love that I am excited about this for so many reasons and the least of them all is that it will be warmer there. I love that when I am gone it will actually be warmer here than it has been, so hurray for my home.

Today I love oranges when I need to taste something fresh and sunny. I love breakfast when someone else made it. I love making breakfast for someone else. I love how great it is to make food that is fun and tasty, just because we need it to survive doesn’t mean we should treat it as mundane and routine. I love trying new things. I love that that is my life policy anymore, “try new things,” and so far it has made for a wonderful way of living. I love that I am seeing this same adventurousness in others every now and then, like a spark or a tiny, flickering flame that might catch and kindle the fire of someone’s spirit and light their soul with magic. I love that I feel magic in my soul.

Today I love drinking coffee and contemplating the magic of souls and fresh bread.