Did I ever mention that I love …

Today I love feeling strong and good after a good night’s sleep. I love that I still feel the aches from all the work I did yesterday. I love that they don’t bother me enough to stop me from doing all the work today. I love that I have errands to run and artwork to do and many words to write, laundry and dishes to get cleaned and some packing to organize. I love that I finished the first of three books that were given to me for Christmas. I love that I’ll be starting on the second one some time today if I get a few minutes opportunity to. I love that I’ve got this crazy idea that I might get through the three of them by the 21st of January, which would be good because then I wouldn’t have to pack any of them for my next big adventure. I love books and the way they are so much bigger on the inside than on the outside. I love how whole worlds can be collected up in between the covers of the smallest of books. I love fiction, I love that it occurred to me that fiction could be accurately described as honest lies with good intentions, and maybe that’s why I enjoy writing it so much, on the rare occasion when I get to do that.

Today I love how Tuesday-ish the world seems to be to me, caught up in its determination to find its way, accomplish all the things, meet all of the requirements and obligations and end with a balanced ledger. I love how Tuesdays can be so responsible, whispering kindly in my ear, “Don’t look up, the weekend is a long way off just as you feared, but by the end of today you’ll have half of the week’s work done and you’ll be pleased with yourself … just don’t look up, I promise this will help.” Good old Tuesday.

Today I love oranges. I love how easy some of them are to peel. I love the sardines I discovered that come packed in a jar. I love that whenever I look for them the store is either out of them or they have three or four jars left. I love that the last time that happened I bought all four jars and blew the grocery budget all to smithereens. I love that this year is just barely started and it already feels comfortable and easy, like it could just progress without any help from me at all. I love that my plan is to just keep busy doing what I do while I keep my eye on 2018 and watch it go by.

Today I love drinking coffee and pondering sardines for breakfast.