Sunrise over road way

Sun’s up, adventuring begins!

Today I love doughnuts for first breakfast and dim sum for second breakfast. I love that, although officially our trip doesn’t begin until tomorrow, we are on the road now and the time for remembering all the  things we need has passed. I love that there are two kinds of things we have forgotten, the things we will do without and laugh over, and the things we will replace en route . I love that we will laugh over either, if there is, in fact, anything we forgot. I love that I am on the road and still connected so far. I love that I am hoping to continue being connected to internet, to the blogosphere, and to readers. I love that contingencies have been put in place for if my connection is intermittent, but with a little luck these contingencies will not be needed. I love that this morning, in Canada, in my little, cold, wintry city, I saw a robin, and would not have seen it but for the fact that it was singing up in a tree, something I have almost never heard at this time of year. I love that robins sing to remind me that I know where my home is, to remind me to return. I love that I have my first ever passport and I’m about to make use of it. I love that when I picked it up out of the safe yesterday I remembered the feeling I had when I first received it in the mail, thinking I would feel the freedom of my opportunity to travel, I actually felt the pleasant joy of having a document that said I belong somewhere, belong to somewhere. I love that I am claimed by my country, that I will be welcomed home.

Today I love the brilliant sun shining through the grimy windows of a car on winter roads. I love that it is above freezing outside the car and that the sun has found its way up and is backlighting clouds and making majestic scenes for our pleasure along the way as we make our way to our first stop over on the road to this adventure.

Today I love finishing up all the perishables in the fridge. I love finding old things in luggage. I love that I packed my pillow at the last minute. I love feeling ready to take on life. I love adventures in eating.

Today I love coffee on the road in the light of the sun’s spectacular vistas.