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Today I Love Being On Vacation

Ready, set, …

Today I Love being on vacation. I love that this is my first big vacation in many, many years. I love that through the magic of the internet, I plan to keep up this blog on a daily basis, with the exception of days when I am unable to make contact with the internet. I love that, although today is one of those days, I am still writing this for today, I just did it a few days ago so I could travel and still smile about the things I love. I love that there are several posts already scheduled in advance, and they are very dear to me because they are reprints of some of my favorite posts here on this blog. I love that, whenever I have the opportunity to post, the scheduled post will be removed from the list and the “fresh” one will go up in its place. I love that I know I’m going to regret having to un-schedule those posts. I have loved some of my own posts so much, but only because they were such a joy to write that they made me want to share them and share them again. I love the love that gets into my words sometimes and I can’t help but feel the joy of life when I write these posts.

Today I love knowing there will be wonderful people for me to interact with over the next dozen or so days and I am looking forward to that so much. I love people who travel and have discovered how easy travel is when you face it with joyous anticipation. I love that, whether they know it or not, joy is one of the most beneficial manifestations of love that someone can employ in their life. I love how readily it will occupy a heart and season a life.

Today I love that I have almost learned how to say, “I’m sorry, I’m Canadian.” in Spanish. I love that I somehow feel that will come up over the next couple of weeks. I love that where I’m going is a place I’ve never been, but one that my mother spent some time at and loved, so the opportunity to go there was like a call to adventure for me, how could I have said no?

Today I love drinking coffee in foreign places, well … I hope I’m going to love that. Life is too short not to go on adventures. Let’s just hope for good coffee along with, shall we?

Today I Love Being On Vacation

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