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Today I Love Bananas Growing Next Door

Growth next door …

Today I love that there are bananas growing in the back yard next door and we are going to pick oranges later today. I love that there is a cactus growing in the front yard on the other side and it is the kind people grow at home in pots, but it is outdoors, in the ground, and twice my height. I love that the first things I notice that stick with me about a place are often bits of nature. I love that there are tile roofs everywhere, lots of white stucco buildings and lots of wood and brick. I love the way the town we are in has been laid out over many years and all the corners and niches have been filled in with café’s tables and benches, many of the streets have been turned into one way streets and some of them cut through blocks. I love that we are just a few blocks from the beach and many of them are short so it would be like four blocks or less back home. I love that this place seems exotic to me, as I’m sure my home would seem to others, exotic being a matter of perspective. I love that yesterday I stood in the water and looked at the land, something I’ve never done in January before in my life.

Today I love that we have been advised that breakfast should consist of coffee and toast with tomato and oil and so we are about to go in search of that. I love that yesterday, when I missed being able to write a Today I love, I did manage to find wonderful coffee in a very friendly little café with very friendly people. I love that I am carrying foreign currency. I love that I am on an adventure, just as I promised I would be. I love that my soul is very content and happy at this moment.

Today I love getting to walk around the beach in sandals. I love all the bright colors. I love that we are being let out on to the town today on our own recognizances, so to speak, having promised ourselves that we will try not to get into too much trouble. I love that I am just a few miles away from a place where my mother enjoyed herself immensely and I’m planning on visiting there as well in the next two weeks. I love that the water here reminds me of home in its character, the way the waves roll and the color of it and the beautiful way that it fades into the sky, but it asserts its exotic character to me in its salty taste and the architecture along its shore line.

Today I love sipping coffee in the sun in the back yard next to the neighbor’s banana tree.

Today I Love Bananas Growing Next Door

Kelly Babcock

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