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Today I Love Added Extras

books, coffee
All the books, all the coffee …

Today I love added extras like the fact that we were given tickets to the hockey game tonight in the midst of all the packing and (apparently productive) worrying and organizing and checking on things and putting things in the right places for the duration of the holidays. I love that there is dim sum planned for tomorrow on the first day long leg of our trip, that’s another extra. I love how even the difficult parts of the future that might cause anxiety are almost always not as bad as expected, and I love how I’ve come to realize that worrying just makes anything worse, whether the things we worry about materialize or not. I love that this has freed up a lot of my life and allowed me to enjoy things much more. I love that I have changed so much in the last year that I sometimes wonder who I am now, wonder what I’m going to be and what I’ll be doing. I love that I never wonder whether I’ll be happy because, although it can take a lot of work, happy is something you do, not something you are, and the work is always worth it, the happy is worth the effort.

Today I love Saturday and although we didn’t make it to the market today, I love that place so much. I love that it feels so odd not going there, although we didn’t need anything for our larder at this point. I love that missing going there tells me how important my little city’s very old market is to me. I love that there are plans for this day that are new and unusual and others that are familiar and common, some excitement and some consistency. I love Saturdays that keep the peace in a raucous way.

Today I love the sound of purposeful scurrying. I love friends who look after things when they’re needed. I love that we played well enough last night at curling. I love feeling the cool air in my lungs when I’m on the ice. I love that I don’t cough so much when I’m out and about in the chill of winter. I love weekend breakfast. I love all the books, and I love that if I quit reading a book because it’s awful, I often end up wondering what happened and going back to reading it. I love better books more. I love when I’m reading a great book and the end coming up is almost painful because I don’t want the story to stop.

Today I love cups of coffee with stacks of books.

Today I Love Added Extras

Kelly Babcock

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