lighted tree

The magic of love …

Today I love winning and I especially love that yesterday I and that old tree out front won the day because the lights are up on the poor, old thing and it now looks fabulous at night. I love that my ladder was too short so I had to climb the top part of the tree and didn’t remember that there is a longer ladder at the cottage that came with the place until I was done decorating the tree. I love that while I was up the tree the Canada Post delivery man showed up (on a Sunday, mind you) with the Amazon packages that were supposedly delayed until Tuesday according to Amazon’s tracking which is kind of weird because that’s not 2 day delivery for items ordered on Wednesday last, but now I can’t really complain, and not complaining makes me happy. I love run on sentences that have to be read two or three times, especially if I wrote them, ’cause they make me laugh. I love that as an added touch I hung an old wooden sled on the verandah post and that had come with me to this house from my old home where I’d never used it for anything. Another win. Yay!

Today I love that after careful consideration, I have discerned that there are actually three groups of people in the glass half full or half empty distinction. There is, of course, those who think of the glass as half empty, and those who think of the glass as half full. But there is a small group of people who are all like, “Holy crap! We get glasses? OhMerGerd are we ever lucky!!!” I love that, most of the time, I’m in this third group. I love how everything seems to work out so that the world keeps doing what it’s supposed to do and we get to keep watching it until we’re done. I love that I’m not done yet.

Today I love that every part of my body aches with pain from climbing that old tree and from standing on stage last night for long periods of time in our choir show dress rehearsal. I love that my body aches everywhere because that means I used it and can still use it, cause it still works. I love that the aching reminds me of the things I’ve accomplished. I love that there is more to do. I love that the shipment I got yesterday was a new, lightweight camera, suitable for traveling with when you have a need to pack light.

Today I love drinking coffee while being subjected to the beautiful, luminous magic of what I accomplished yesterday.