snow, ice, water, mist

Misty, mystic magic of winter

Today I love the misty waters of Colpoy’s bay. I love the waves that shush me as they kiss the ice trimmed beach. I love the slob ice that presses against the shore like pieces of glass that are wearing each other down. I love the look of the different textures I can see from the deck, snow; then bergy bits of ice; then pulsing, rippling water; and then the misty, flake filled air; and finally the ghostly, brooding mass of the cape across the bay. I love how magical and almost unreal this place can look in the icy grip of winter. I love that, in my imaginary world, an inter-household memo was issued requiring all references to the cottage to use the word chalet during the winter months. I love that the days are getting longer and by the end of the year there will be exactly nine hours of sunlight in our day. I love that there are just 12 weeks left during which the chalet reference will be required. I love that for the first time ever in my life I will be taking a brief break from winter this season. I love that it is an adventure that I’ve secretly wanted to have happen for some time and at this point there is no reason that it won’t that is foreseeable. I love adventure.

Today I love that tomorrow is the annual “Rockin’ For The Food Bank” concert and, according to the line up, it is as good as it has ever been and possibly better. I love that we have tickets to it. I love that it’s being held at a great venue this year, Heartwood Concert Hall. I love that I know so many of the performers. I love that I’ve been a part of this show several times and I love that I get to relax and enjoy the show this year. I love that I was put on standby for the opening act, but have been removed from that list, ’cause, though I would have gladly done it, between you and me, my breathing is a little tricky again this year and I would have been very sad to have gotten on stage and not been able to give it my best.

Today I love blueberry maple sausages. I love that there are samosas cooking in the chalet oven. I love that the snow blower seems to finally have run out of ways to break down. I love that we can haul the blower around in the back of the truck so very easily and that I am able to blow out driveways whenever the need arises. I love that I can go out and work in the cold and actually enjoy that still. I love being tough enough.

Today I love drinking coffee in the chalet, while the magic whirls around and casts spells on the bay to make it look like part of a wonderland.