coffee and cookbooks

Christmas baking is in there somewhere …

Today I love the magic of this season. I love how everything seems to happen in the next couple of weeks. I love that Winter begins in four days, on Thursday the 21st. I love that on that day, the rotation of our planet around the sun reaches the point where continuing on starts to bring the northern hemisphere around to face the sun more fully again, and continue on we shall do. I love that this means that from Thursday on, the amount of daylight in each day begins to get longer again, and I love the long lit days of summer, so any motion in that direction makes me happy. I love that another four days after that is Christmas Eve day and that day, in my memory, was always the longest and slowest moving day of the year. It seemed like it could not pass any slower and I would spend the day getting wound up in anticipation of Christmas day. I love that I am able to sleep through Christmas eve night and into Christmas morning now that I am a grown up, though there is still always the chance that I might be overly excited since, while I cannot deny being grown up, I am clearly not yet an adult and show every sign of never actually contracting that malady.

Today I love that once we’ve gotten through boxing day, we have only a few days to wait before we celebrate the beginning of the new year. I love that I’m already practicing putting the date down as 2018, at least when I’m not putting it down as 2016. I love that the Chinese new year occurs a decent amount of time after New Years because that will give us time to rest up and get ready for the celebrations. I love that I have been asked to participate and I will never turn down an opportunity to experience the culture of a friend, that’s part of the adventure of living fully.

Today I love that plans for baking have been discussed and there are still decisions to be made, but things will definitely be cooking over the next couple of weeks. I love that today is a day of rest, even though we are looking at doing some chores and errands. I love bacon and eggs for late breakfast after sleeping in and wandering down to the kitchen late. I love that I got my messy kitchen half cleaned while I cooked this morning and the other half of the clean up is going to happen very shortly.

Today I love Drinking coffee while I look through recipes and we plan the holiday cooking and baking.