Geranium at sunrise

Here comes the sun …

Today I love the Christmas Geranium that chose to start blooming on this first full day of winter. I love that it looks like it is standing at the window, looking out and waiting for the sun, which, of course, it is doing. I love that it is four days ’til Christmas. I love that I have some baking to do for that. I love that I don’t really have a lot more to do in order to get ready. I love that there will be a little bit of travel and a bit of family and some time at the cottage over the holidays. I love that there are some vague plans for a blanket fort day too, but they are vague and may be set aside for other things like movie binge day or something similar. I love that the holidays will come and go regardless of preparation or lack thereof and I love that I have learned to enjoy them as they pass and leave regrets for another day. I love that I still haven’t scheduled “regrets” day and likely won’t. I love that I will not regret not scheduling “regrets” day.

Today I love that this morning I took the gasket off of a cheap K-cup reusable filter and put it on an expensive and much better working K-cup reusable filter and now the good one works properly again and the cheap one is still a mess, but I don’t care. Yay, MacGyver inovation and me! I love that I was always entranced by Keurig coffee makers but refused to own one until I could get reusable K-cup filters and now I have those AND a grinder that grinds just enough coffee for one cup and grinds it into the filter directly. I love that my coffee goes from whole beans to fresh brew in less than sixty seconds.

Today I love plaid and especially plaid in funky colors, so I’m going to stay out of the stores today because my resistance is low and I’d likely buy something in funky plaid if I went shopping. I love that last night I didn’t order the thing on the Amazon that I was looking at, even though they tempted me greatly by telling me they could get it here before Christmas if I would only ORDER IT RIGHT NOW QUICKLY YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW MINUTES LEFT OMG!!! I love that the harder sales entities push me the less likely I am to buy.

Today I love drinking freshly made coffee in the breakfast/plant nook and waiting with the Christmas geranium for the sun to come up.