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Today I Love The Carol Of The Bells

Not a marimba

Today I love the Carol Of The Bells and its wonderful and convoluted history from Ukrainian Spring time folk song to the Christmas anthem it has become. I love that so many people choose to play it this time of year and that, although I’ve heard versions and arrangements that have just made me long to hear more familiar renditions, today I heard the local “Great Lakes Winds perform it and it was entirely enough of a good thing, perfectly and sublimely enough. I love the Great Lakes Winds and their spectrum of ages and abilities and that the magic ingredient of their music is joy. I love that the definition of joy when playing music is the magic that occurs when you know what you are doing and you love it. I love that it has nothing to do with being great at playing music, and I love that joy when playing music is not just better than being great, it is actually what being great comes from. I love that today I got to hear lots of music already and I love that there is more to come.

Today I love that I’m off to one of my favorite concert venues, the James Mason Center in Saugeen to be the MC for Gerry Barrett who is an Elvis impersonator of the highest caliber. I love that he’s played as Elvis all over North America including Washington DC where he performed for President Barack Obama. I love that this show is a fundraiser for the Saugeen toy drive, and I love that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done in life, helping with a toy drive proves that you deserve every good thing that comes your way and I’m pleased to be able to help with this one.

Today I love the word “marimba” because apparently there is one available to be played here in town. I love that the word marimba sounds like it should be a dance. I love that I have these funky bells that are old and vintage and in perfect tune and I cannot play them to save my soul and because they are played much the way one would play a marimba I’m pretty sure that I should not be the one to volunteer to play the marimba here in town. I love that I am allowed to play my guitar in public, thanks for that, my brave little city.

Today I love drinking coffee and repeating the word “marimba” incessantly like it is some kind of musically magical incantation.

Today I Love The Carol Of The Bells

Kelly Babcock

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