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Today I Love That Cai Turns Thirty

coffee in the wednesday office
Getting through the Wednesday bug …

Today I love that my friend Caitlin Carpenter turns thirty today. I love her for starting the whole “Today I Love …” thing. I love that on her birthday so many of her friends write TIL posts even if they don’t normally. I love that some of them put lots of thought into it and discover how great it is to write such positive and affirmative things and will take up the practice for a while if not permanently. I love that I am always happy to hear that someone has started writing “Today I Love” posts and I know I should encourage people to do that more, but I kind of get wrapped up in what I write and forget to encourage others. I’d love it if people would remind me to do that. I love that all the “Today I Love” posts make Caitlin’s day so good for her, because she totally deserves that. I love today, and every day, that I bumped into her here online and am now a friend and consider her to be a friend of mine. I love that her TIL posts are always so entertaining, that her family plays such a huge role in her life and her posts, that so many of us live a wild, fun, crazy life vicariously through her and her posts.

Today I love that, although I’m still sick and got a fair bit worse yesterday, I’m better than I was when I went to bed last night, and I’m at my Wednesday office because I feel better when I do things that I’m used to doing. I love that my life comforts me so that I find it better to just keep going forward with it when I’m under the weather. I love that last night it felt like I had a kabob skewer through my temples, but this morning it just feels like I have a pair of welders vice-grips clamped on them and screwed to a mildly uncomfortable tightness, which is a great improvement and very much worth loving. I love that my shoulders are feeling better now. I love that I’m not having to speak with a cold lisp and that my nose isn’t running and I’m not sneezing, yet.

Today I love that people saw us on the Facebook on the radio station’s page yesterday and they’re telling me about it. I should share that bit of video on the Facebook I guess. I love how musical my little city is. I love that there is so much going on in this area at this time of year and that there are plans to take in great quantities of it, and we have already done a fair bit.

Today I love drinking coffee in my Wednesday office and just waiting for this cold or whatever it is to pass.


Today I Love That Cai Turns Thirty

Kelly Babcock

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