ceramic mug of coffee

Not a serious, stainless steel, thermal, spill proof travel coffee mug

Today I love technology and the almost creepy way that it is advancing at the same rate as my desires for it. Seriously, technology, stop reading my mind … but, you know, don’t actually stop reading my mind, I like some of this new stuff that’s available. I love that I’m looking to downgrade my computer system for a short while so that I can have something that is more travel friendly, this current system is so fast and easy, but it weighs a buzillion gazillion pounds. I love that my spell checker no longer balks at either “buzillion” or “gazillion” and that is as it should be, they are perfectly valid and highly technical terms of value. I love how auto correct can make such a hash out of peoples writing in the name of helping them write clearly. I love that I am not in fear of losing my editing jobs to some auto correcting artificial intelligence yet. I love that I’ve considered offering my services as editor to people who write tweets and Facebook updates and small, one off signs for doors and such at a dollar per fifty words or less, ’cause editing fifty words or less would be exactly what I would be comfortable with paying attention to, ha ha.

Today I love that I’m a busy boy again this day, and that so much of what I have to do is either fun or relates to something I enjoy or love in my life. I love that I have a meeting to go to this morning, not because I love meetings much but because this meeting has been planned to make things go more smoothly for everyone at one of my jobs. I love that there will be coffee, because meeting coffee is better than no coffee and because I left my serious, stainless steel, thermal, spill proof, travel coffee mug at another meeting yesterday so I have to rely on the kindness of others to keep me caffeinated.

Today I love that the week day porridge lasted the week and now it’s time to make more. I love that we have all weekend to do that. I love that it is Friday so “Yay open mic,” and “Yay curling.” I love that the weeks just fly by while the days, if I pay attention to them, take their glorious time to unfold and bring me all the golden moments they are able to, like this very one here and now, do you feel that? Do you see it? Right now, in this moment, the world is perfectly full of potential to be manifested as love.

Today I love sipping coffee and wondering if my serious, stainless steel, thermal, spill proof, travel coffee mug is lonely without me. Poor thing. 😉