Booster pack charging

Getting a charge out of the day …

Today I love second chances at celebrating Christmas after being kept at home on Christmas day because of the weather. I love that the reason we’re gathering today is a cousin’s birthday, but we’ll take it ’cause the weather is good and we are happy to be making up for missing the big day. I love that we have the big old truck to drive today, ’cause this cold snap has done us the service of letting us know the battery in the car is not long for this world and it is refusing to turn the car over on its own. I love that we have a booster pack and I love that the few times I’ve had to use it it has worked like a charm. I love that we’re charging it back up right now and I love that it was only at half a charge and it still started the car three times for us this morning while we went to the market, and the ski shop, and then back home. I love that the truck has all the comforts of the car, so we’ll be able to make the trip with no more discomfort than a drive of that length would offer in any other vehicle. I hate that my truck is a brand I’ve never liked, but I love that it secretly wishes it were a Dodge.

Today I love that we had a great open mic last night for the last open mic of 2017 and the Bleeding Carrot Café was definitely the place to be yesterday afternoon between four and six. I love that this morning at the market there was a light and cheery mood as we bought the last pound of bacon for 2017 and ate the last market breakfast and said hellos and well wishes to good friends and offered our hopes for a great 2018 to all of them.

Today I love threats of show-shoe outings. I love plans for New Year’s celebrations. I love that the chalet is part of our itinerary. I love that I’m secretly (or maybe not so secretly) harboring plans to acquire a sled and make a sledding hill out of the chalet’s side yard and back lawn. I love that my biggest fear is not stopping at the bottom of the lawn and ending up out on the ice of the bay. I love that the ice is starting to form on the bay, but it is not solid enough yet to put any weight on, so … no sled overshooting onto the ice.

Today I love sipping coffee while the booster pack charges and the truck warms up and we figure out what all needs to go to the birthday party/Christmas gathering.