coffee being made

Coffee to goooo!!!

Today I love plans for the New Year and especially plans to help celebrate the Chinese New Year in February. I love that there is a plot afoot to dress me in a costume and have me portray the Chinese God of Wealth, and I can do that because I am wealthy with good fortune and joy and love and adventure. I love that the costume is very bling because secretly I am all about the bling, ha ha. I love that there is so much culture in this world that needs exploring and doing that is as much of an adventure as anything else in this world. I love that the real heart of any adventure is learning. I love that learning is something that we all get to do and that we all do, even when we deny that we’re able to any more. I love that learning is the one of the two things that makes life worth living and that love is the other one. I love and I learn and therefore life is beautiful. I love how much happiness is involved in life when you realize that loving and learning are the important tasks.

Today I love that I have a busy day ahead of me. I love that it involves all kinds of different things from writing to website management to music and meetings and high-finances and self care and winter preparedness. I love that I’m up for all of it because I love being busy. I love that after writing “Today I Love …” yesterday I began to get the distinct symptoms of a head cold with the sneezing and the watery eyes and the sinus congestion and such, and last night before I went to bed I got the distinct impression that I was not going to suffer from it and this morning I’m feeling much better already so, yay me!

Today I love waiting for the Amazon to ship my stuff and how interesting their idea of “two day shipping” is, it’s like they think it’s good enough to count the day it gets shipped and the day it arrives and forget about all the days between me ordering stuff and them doing anything about it. Those guys are funny. I love how anxious I am to get the stuff I ordered even though I won’t need it for a while yet. I love how easy it is to get such diverse things, the broad spectrum of items that fall under any one category when shopping online is staggering. I love that I could be addicted to online shopping if I wasn’t so vividly aware of that possibility and determined not to fall into that trap.

Today I love drinking coffee on the fly while getting all the things done.